NPCA 99a & NPCA 99b Soil Treatment Reports

Want a great marketing tool for attracting builders? WDI FX Pest Control Software includes the official NPCA-99a and NPCA-99b soil pretreatment forms. You can save time and money by using these easy to complete forms which can be printed or emailed to your building clients (Billing Module Required). All records are automatically stored in an easy to recall database


  • Paperless office
  • Integrated Photo Pages (Photo Manager required)
  • Store graphs digitally
  • Addendum
  • Finding and Recommendations Library
  • Create pdf of finished reports to email
  • Ability to store an unlimited number of reports
  • Import/Export reports between users
  • Dispatch digital reports to the field from the office (FX Connect required)
  • Send completed reports to the office from the field (FX Connect required)

The WDI FX Pretreat Inspection Module works on any Windows® platform including desktops, laptops, Tablet and UltraMobile PC's®

In order to email 99a or 99b reports,  simply click the “Print” button and then select “pdfFactory” as your printer (in fact, you may want to set pdfFactory as your default printer since you will no longer need to print or fax hard copies to your clients). pdfFactory enables you to view your 99a or 99b reports as a PDF, print to another printer connected to your computer or email it to your builder client.

Site Drawing Software

See Graphs tab above for compatable drawing programs.

windowsSample NPCA-99a Soil Treatment Guarantee

windowsSample NPCA-99b Soil Treatment Report


10 Day Trial

System Requirements
Minimum Memory 8GB
windows Windows 10 Pro
macMac OSX Catalina or Big Sur
iOS 14 or higher

Pat Bruner

Pat Bruner first started using WDI FX with a tablet in 2005 and now he can't get along without it. "The WDI FX Paperless Office has transformed my business," Pat says. With WDI FX, he can schedule pest control services, perform inspections, create graphs, insert photos, and supervise his employees right from his truck. Documents are emailed to clients, copies are synched to his office and Pat heads for home. No more sacrificing customer service or family time to go back to the office! And no more paperwork!


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You Vehicle becomes your Office!


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