SmartPlanner Routing & Scheduling

Routing & Scheduling with SmartPlanner $9.99
SmartPlanner is the central core of the Routing and Scheduling module. SmartPlanner allows users to view up to 7 different technicians on one screen. Stops are assigned and managed using a customizable color coding system that allows schedulers or technicians to match stops by zip or territory to prevent unnecessary drive time.

Routes can be further divided allowing large multi-technician firms to easily manage employee schedules. Maps can be created from any day's schedule with the click of a button. The module allows any inspection or service order to be easily assigned to a specific route or technician. Create weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi- monthly, quarterly, tri annual, semi-annual or annual service calls including desired service day of the week. Future appointments can be created with the click of a button. As a special bonus office staff can create daily printed route guides for each technician. The administrator can customize employee availability by day of the week, block out personal time and set holiday schedules.

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TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES ON YOUR DEVICES IF YOU ARE NOT USING VERSION 18 OR GREATER as your data will not be accessible without an update!

For those buying a new Mac - Ventura and the M2 chip are fully supported. Windows 11 is also fully supported.

If using any version prior to 18 fill out a technical support request so a time can be scheduled to update your files.

Technical Support requests send an email of the information that has been received, if you do not receive a verification email concerning your support request, then please call and leave a message on our voicemail to get service.
Contact is usually made within 4 hours during normal business hours.


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Pat Bruner first started using WDI FX with a tablet in 2005 and now he can't get along without it. "The WDI FX Paperless Office has transformed my business," Pat says. With WDI FX, he can schedule pest control services, perform inspections, create graphs, insert photos, and supervise his employees right from his truck. Documents are emailed to clients, copies are synched to his office and Pat heads for home. No more sacrificing customer service or family time to go back to the office! And no more paperwork!


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