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Features Overview

The following is a brief summary of our modules and most popular bundles. Click on each link for a detailed description and sample documents.

Pest Control Bundle
Everything you need to get started. The Pest Control Bundle includes the Billing & Contacts Module, Contact Manager and Photo Manager.

Inspection Bundle
Access State termite inspection forms in an easy to use format. Also includes Photo Manager.

Routing & Scheduling Module with Google Calendar Syncronization

Contact Manager
Create and store email messages and contact reports, view history at a glance and much more.

Proposals Bundle
Includes Bid and Contract Modules. enables you to quickly and easily create your own customized Bids and Contracts.

Photo Manager
A picture is worth a thousand words. Display 2, 4 or 6 photos per page, each with it's own caption.

Soil Pre-Treatment
A great marketing tool for attracting builders. Both NPCA 99a and NPCA 99b forms are included.

Chemical Tracking
With the WDI FX Chemical Tracking Module you can create chemical reports, by address, for any time period.

Allows you to quickly find all treatment and service guarantees that are expiring during a given time period.

Word Processing
Create professional looking letters, complete with color logos and signatures, which can be printed or emailed to your clients.

Create a variety of custom contracts complete with Line items so there is no confusion as what services are being ordered.

Entire Suite(includes iOS Mobile)

QuickBooks Plug-in
Synchronize any customer record, invoice or service ticket, and payments. Works with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

iOS Mobile
Individual WDI FX Modules (purchased or subscription) can be operated from any iOS device. Single user files are transferred between a Mac or PC and your iOS device with iTunes.  Network users connect directly to your server. (see Multi-User Networks)

* iOS Mobile and Mobile Network included at no extra charge with our Full Suite Subscription shown above as well as our sister product SmartPest Paperless Office.

Setup & Subscription Pricing

WDI FX Modules - Monthly Subscription


Billing & Contacts Module


WDI & WDO Inspection Module


Routing & Scheduling


Contact Manager (CRM) Module


Bid Module


Photo Manager Module


Soil Pre-Treatment Module


Chemical Tracking Module


Renewal Module


Word Processing Module


Contracts Module

Mobile iOS



WDI FX™ Bundles - Monthly Subscription


Pest Control Bundle (includes B&C + CRM + Photo Mgr.)


Inspections Bundle (Insps + Photo Mgr.)


Proposals Bundle (includes Bid + Contracts)


Entire Suite of Modules (includes Mobile iOS)




There is a one time charge of $99 to set up each single user subscription account (see below for multi-user accounts). Please note, you pay NO support or upgrade fees with the subscription plan....it's all built into the monthly subscription and modules can be added or removed. 

All subscription fees must be prepaid by credit card and the first three months must be paid in advance. Subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled in writing 7 days prior to expiration. After the first quarter, we will process your credit card automatically every month and you will receive a receipt from PayPal upon successful payment processing. Failure to maintain a current card on file may result in a suspension of service.


Windows 11 - 64 bit systems only. The old 32 bit systems no longer work.
macOS Ventura
iOS 15 or greater (these are iPhones and iPads)
8GB min memory
512GB min hard drive

NO CHROMEBOOKS! They will not work as they are browser only systems and cannot install apps.
No Android at this time.

MULTI-USER NETWORKS -  New Image Software offers SmartPest Paperless Office for multi-user organizations. SmartPest includes ALL the modules shown above which are hosted in our professional data center. For further information see www.smartpestsoftware.com


We offer data conversion for most service and pest control software programs. Contact our office for a quote.

*Paid in advance via credit card. Set up fees, data converson, due at time of order. iOS subscriptions require FileMaker Go, available free on the App Store. 

**New Image Software created WDI FX on the FileMaker Pro platform. There is a support charge of $150 per Hour of Live Help Support if you are not on subscription and require our assistance in making changes or repairs to layouts. Customized layouts must be manually transferred to upgraded versions of WDI FX.

Attention All Users

TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES ON YOUR DEVICES IF YOU ARE NOT USING VERSION 18 OR GREATER as your data will not be accessible without an update!

For those buying a new Mac - Ventura and the M2 chip are fully supported. Windows 11 is also fully supported.

If using any version prior to 18 fill out a technical support request so a time can be scheduled to update your files.

Technical Support requests send an email of the information that has been received, if you do not receive a verification email concerning your support request, then please call and leave a message on our voicemail to get service.
Contact is usually made within 4 hours during normal business hours.


Pat Bruner

Pat Bruner first started using WDI FX with a tablet in 2005 and now he can't get along without it. "The WDI FX Paperless Office has transformed my business," Pat says. With WDI FX, he can schedule pest control services, perform inspections, create graphs, insert photos, and supervise his employees right from his truck. Documents are emailed to clients, copies are synched to his office and Pat heads for home. No more sacrificing customer service or family time to go back to the office! And no more paperwork!

The Easiest to use Pest Control Software in the Industry.